Pond Area Re-Design ~ Garden Therapy

Well it’s been a pretty depressing week of constant rain and news of the E.U referendum result. Without getting into the politics, on Friday 24th June I left work feeling angry, worried and emotionally charged, thinking of all the implications that the ‘leave’ result would mean. I had to do something about my mood, so I went to my quiet place to escape from it all and set upon tidying & re-designing the pond area that was engulfed by weeds up to 5ft high. Seriously, you try and find the pond in my ‘before’ photo – and that was taken before the evil hemlock shot up!

I didn’t want to tidy it too much – after all the frogs and newts were loving their home but the weeds were ridiculous. The previous day I bought a couple of new plants from the market including a purple Oxalis and two ferns (my favourite!) the green and purple of these two and the hosta together look amazing – I can’t wait to see them once they have grown into their positions! I realised it would be a good time and place for the poached egg plants that were dying to come out from their tiny seed tray modules. I gathered my tools and plants and set to it. I didn’t think too much about the design, I just let it come together as I de-weeded and rearranged the existing plants.

The frogs poked their heads out of the water and kept a close eye on me.. I suddenly realised what an intense pace I was working at, focusing all my energy onto something positive! I really wanted to achieve something fresh and new that evening, and I did.

What pond?

I’m excited to see the poached egg plants bloom down this slope!
Fern and Oxalis. Those two colours though ❤
The poached egg plants (left) are going to look great with the Tansy buttons in the pond!




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