Allotment Jobs for Autumn

  • Pune hedge
  • Sow green manure ✅
  • Prune herbs ✅
  • Plant Spring bulbs
  • Remove bindweed (!)
  • Collect seeds ✅
  • Sow lupins and forget-me-nots
  • Pot up strawberry runners
  • Tidy the shed
  • Tidy the polytunnel
  • Consider sourcing farm manure
  • Build a hedgehog house
  • Harvest squashes 
  • Remove plants after end of harvest
  • Harvest apples ✅
  • Make cider? ✅

Apple Variety Identified!

I was wrong all along! Well…kind of. Let me explain. I got the keys to my allotment in September 2014 and one of the reasons I chose it was for the apple tree growing at the back of the plot. The first apple I ate was sour and must have been an underripe one because for the last THREE YEARS I thought my apple tree grew cooking apples.

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A Place To Sit At Last…

Finally, after having my allotment for almost three years I have a seating area! It’s taken a hell of a lot of deadication and hard work. I set my deadline to have it completed by the end of August and I’ve done it! We celebrated by having a big BBQ over the bank holiday with some of my closest friends, some of which have helped with my epic task.
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Late Summer Evenings

allotment late summer.jpgThe evenings are getting noticeably darker earlier and there’s a subtle chill and smell to the air as the change in season is underway. The golden hour tonight had the most beautiful warmth and even though I’m frantically preparing the seating area for the bank holiday,  I reminded myself that these last few hours of sunlight should be cherished. Continue reading