I cheated and I’m not even guilty

The potatoes aren’t meant to be ready for another 2 weeks but I just couldn’t resist. I took a potion home, rubbed off their muddy, soft skins and gently steamed them until soft. After gentle slice to cut them open I stirred through a dash of butter and sprinkled with fresh mint. I didn’t sit down, leave the kitchen or even transfer them from the pan to eat them. Nothing beats the fresh taste of your own grown potatoes. They didn’t even touch the sides.

10 thoughts on “I cheated and I’m not even guilty

  1. My potato plants are still greener than a really green thing. Not even a hint of it starting to fall over yet.

    Did you get many tubers from each plant?


    1. Mine too! They’re just about to flower now. I didn’t dig too deep, just enough for a portion really and I re-planted it for the smaller ones to develop. It was just enough to keep me going until the real harvest 😊

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      1. I leave them on. They look pretty and the bees love them. I can’t imagine removing them saves much of the plant’s energy. I don’t see any benefit personally. Plus I have a lot of potato plants! Which is why I was happy to spare one of the plants early on.

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      2. I don’t have that many but I am willing to leave the flowers on if the bees get something out of it and it doesn’t affect the crop. B-)


      3. 👍🏻 The flowers won’t last long anyway. Sometimes they might fruit into funny tomato things but it’s unlikely as more often than not they just dry up and drop after a few days.

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  2. Wow Katrina, I’m so glad you found me and I have now found you💜 What an amazing blog, love what you are doing with your plot, well done.🌸

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    1. Thank you for such kind words Sue! I’ve not had my blog that long, so it means a lot =) Where abouts do you like in the Derbyshire? I do love the Peak District! 👞


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