Pond Update | New Residents

It’s been very quiet in the wildlife pond over winter but I had a surprise waiting for me on Good Friday, followed by an even more rewarding surprise last night! It’s only a small pond, one that I upcycled from a Belfast sink last summer. As you open the garden gate the pond sits next to the main path just passed the brick, herb bed so it’s always the first and last thing I check.

On Good Friday the sun was shining all day and I found the first frog of the year happily sitting within the pondweed. I was on the allotment all day and so too was the frog, enjoying the warmth of little pond. It makes me so happy to know the frogs are back, I would love to have frogspawn but I don’t know if my pond would be too small..?

I returned to the allotment late last night to check on my newly erected mini-greenhouse (more on that later). There was no movement in the pond when I arrived, but when I was about to lock up, I saw there in the pondweed my first ever newt!! After a bit of research I think it’s female smooth newt. I was going to give it a little Spring tidy and remove some of the pondweed but now I have visitors to the pond I shall wait – who knows I might have baby newts and frogs in the next few weeks! 😁🐸

Hello newt!
Belfast sink pond, August 2015.

2 thoughts on “Pond Update | New Residents

  1. I love the little pond you have made. Whilst in the garden on Saturday I found frogspawn in a bucket so want to make a small pond and this is a brilliant idea


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