It’s World Earth Day today which makes me stop and appreciate the things even more than usual. Especially at this time of year when everything is coming to life I’m reminded of how beautiful this place really is. The greens are suddenly so vibrant and the cherry blossom just punches through it. The narcissi have also been in flower for the past few weeks and the tulips are ready to bloom any day now. I remember planting these bulbs on one of the coldest and windiest November days, which makes their blooms that little bit more rewarding and so welcoming as I step into the plot.
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🌹 Rose Cuttings


You know how familiar you become to your local surroundings that when something new appears, it suddenly leaps out at you? Well there’s a beautiful house just down the road from me that I’ve always admired and appreciated. It’s a gorgeous Victorian red-brick, three story build that sits on the corner of a narrow dead end lane with a grand turret on the side. Everyday I pass that house and in the peak of summer I was struck the the gorgeous deep, velvety roses that gradually bloomed along the old brick wall.

I hadn’t noticed the roses in that garden before and I had never seen roses so big and so rich as those! It bloomed for weeks on end and I appreciated it everyday. Of course the flowers didn’t last though autumn and the crimson petals were soon replaced with rose hips.
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