Bloom Monday

Monday 15th January is thought to be the most depressing day of the year and you can understand why. It’s the middle of winter here in the UK, it’s cold, it’s dark, you don’t have much chance to get out to do any gardening because the weather is so rubbish and you probably have no money left either. Never fear! I’m taking part in Hugh’s mission to brighten this gloomy month with photos of my colourful blooms from summer. Find out more in Hugh’s blog post and make sure you take part on Twitter with the hashtag #SummerGarden.

Here are some of my favourite blooms from Spring/Summer 2017. It was the first year I had a devoted flower bed, with an orange theme. I grew nasturtiums, cosmos, sunflowers and calendula. I loved it! Even more so once I dug out and wood chipped a curved, narrow pathway.

These are some of the spring bulbs and flowers that you’ll find close to the entrance of my plot. I bought the lupin plant for 20p in a clearance sale a few years ago and it’s become one of my favourite flowers in the garden. I love spending time watching the bees buzz about the flowers.

I’ve been thinking a lot about colour themes for 2018. I enjoyed the orange flower bed but I want to mix it up each year. I chose a lot of pinks and purple tulips for spring and I think I’ll continue to use this colour palette for summer. I was never a fan of pink growing up, but I really love the contrast of delicate pink petals against apple-green leaves.

2017 was the first year I really focused a lot more of growing flowers. I really enjoyed my little up-cycling project, turning a plastic container into a pair of planters! I think this is where I realised my love for the pink and green combination with silvery highlights.

This year will be even better! I’ve already underplanted my dwarf apple tree with lots of spring bulbs – crocus, narcissi, daffodils and tulips. I plan on having a cut flower bed too using my new planter featured on my Garden Haul Video! I’m thinking of planting it with dahlia tubers, gladioli with maybe some cosmos in between. I’m yet to finish my allotment garden plan (and my seed order) but as soon as I do I’ll share it with you!

I hope this post has brightened your Blue Monday. Join me on Twitter for more #SummerGarden pictures and videos throughout the day.

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  1. Hey Katrina, thanks for the mention and linking my blog post – didn’t realise you could do this – learn something new everyday! I’m also contemplating my 2018 colour scheme so this is very relevant to me atm. All the best, Hugh

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