Oh My Squash!

Well, what can I say? It’s been an amazing year for the squash! In fact, it’s actually my first successful attempt at growing squash and now I’m overrun with them! I’m especially proud of my little baby butternut, since I’ve never been able to grow at all before. They might be small, but they’re the perfect portion size! They taste super sweet and delicious too. I have a special recipe to share soon.


6 Crown Prince
12 Butternut
15 Spaghetti

The spaghetti squash are still some way off in terms of their ripeness. I didn’t want to leave them out any longer as the weather is beginning to get quite wet and cold at night. Their watermelon-like markings should soon fade to become all-yellow squashes. I’m quite excited to try this one for the first time. I’ve heard its fairly common to buy in America but I haven’t ever seen it available to buy/eat here in the UK. Once you’ve cooked the squash you run a fork through the flesh and it transforms into squash spaghetti! There must be SO many ways to use this versatile veg and I imagine it’s also a nice low-cab alternative to pasta.

I’ve already used a crown prince in a curry and it was delicious. I plan to have a new area on the blog devoted to recipes that I’ve tried and tested soon. How was your squash/pumpkin harvest? Please share any of your favourite recipes below!

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