I built a wall.

A few weeks ago I hit the jackpot. I found a huge pile of sandstone up for grabs at the allotments as I collected from the communal wood chip pile to make my first path. I had already spoken to Stevie who arranges the deliveries and he said I could take as many as I liked! I didn’t know what I wanted them for at the time so I just loaded my barrow with as much as I could carry.  Five, ten, fifteen, then twenty or more I wheeled up a small mountain hill to my allotment.

It was beginning to get late. I had not only made many trips to get the rocks, but the wood chip too! As I began to unload the rocks around the pond, I realised I was building a small wall. So, I continued to make it the following day to give the pond/wildlife area more structure and a place for the frogs and newts to hide.

Please excuse the black tarp in the photos. I’m attempting to cover part of that big weedy area to prevent it from spreading. It’ll look pretty one day! After I built the wall, I planted a new hosta and heuchera. I couldn’t resist the rich, contrasting colours when I picked them up from Asda for just £3 each!

It isn’t the tidiest of areas, but the wildlife really does this little spot. I’ll give you a full wildlife update soon with some videos too.

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