What to do with this Difficult Area…?

I’ve had my allotment now for two and a half years and yet, there are still areas of the plot that have be left pretty much unmanaged, for various reasons. For a plot the size of mine, (25mx15m) that I work alone, I know I have come a long way from the jungle it once was…but I still long for the whole plot to look some-what tidy/managed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not after straight lines and precision planting. I just want to feel like I have control over certain areas.

I present you, Problematic Area No.1. I have ideas on what I would like to do with it, but no idea on how to tackle it. I thought about planting gladioli flowers on this sunny bank but now I’ve turned to the idea of growing squashes here to make more use of the space. It’s such a sunny spot that has shamefully been neglected for many years.

As you walk into my plot this patch it on the right, between the pond & herb bed (on the main path) and the polytunnel. It’s probably about 4m long by about 5m wide. What’s in it? WELL. One of the biggest problems is plum suckers, probably about a dozen of them or more, well rooted, established miniature trees. Then there’s the bindweed, dock, stinging nettles, raspberries, and occasional hemlock too. I did find a weed membrane in the very middle that surrounds a small cherry tree (I think) but there are so many weeds I don’t know where to start!

Do I dig it? Should I smother it with plastic to kill it? Will I be able to plant on it this year?  I’m also trying to focus my time on a spot at the bottom of the plot to transform into a seating area, but with all the plum suckers, progress is very slow. It’s such a shame to have this eye-sore piece of land un-cultivated and I wish I knew the right answer on how to deal with it! Do you have any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “What to do with this Difficult Area…?

  1. Hmmm. Tricky one. I would probably try and dig out the plum trees or at least cut them right back down to their base until you can dig them out & hopefully they’ll stop growing for now. Strum down the top growth of the weeds, then cover with black weed suppressant membrane for this year and perhaps plant some squash in grow bags on top of it. The squash will grow to cover the membrane so will still look ok-ish and you’ll be using the space whilst suppressing the weeds until you can dig them out in the winter. Unfortunately with the types of weeds you have you will have to dig them out 😩

    Lesley xx


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    1. Great idea, Lesley! I never even thought of using grow bags. Maybe if I get some manure beneath the grow bags, the squash will have more room and nutrients to grow.

      The plum suckers grow so damn fast I’m going to have to cut around the weed membrane to keep them cut back. But once I’ve cleared the bindweed at the front, it’s mostly nettles and raspberries that aren’t too bad in comparison.

      Thanks for your help! ☺️


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