Paths at last!

Two and a half years I’ve had my allotment and I’ve only just begun to lay my first proper paths! I recently made one alongside my strawberry patch & blackberry bush and now I’ve just made a new one cutting straight across the middle of the plot.

I’m lucky to be close to Stevie’s allotment, who arranges regular deliveries of wood chip to be tipped at the carpark. The other week there was a huge pile of wood chip and a mountain of sandstone rocks too! (I’ll have more on those later). Zorun, one of my neighbors, very kindly gave me some weed suppressant membrane…the stuff that’s way too expensive for me to justify buying! So I’m really grateful, as it means I can lay possibly all of my paths this year. 🙌🏻

Over the course of a couple of days, I dug out the path trench, edged it with some found wood and lined it with the weed membrane. As soon as the lorry load of wood chip was delivered I was there loading up my wheelbarrow to fill up the path trench. Two down, five more to go! 😅💪🏻

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