I’m joining Annabelle’s (from Life at No.27) mission to reveal #myrealview on my plot because my allotment isn’t all as it might seem! 

Sure, we all like to photograph and share our prettiest flowers, our neat weed-free soil and immaculate sheds for all to see. But in truth, it isn’t always like the picture-perfect Instagram photos you see and you shouldn’t strive for your garden to be that way. Allotment gardening is and always will be demanding hobby that needs constant care and attention.

I’m actually quite a messy gardener which I blame on my habit of wanting to get as much done as I can in the time I spend on the plot. At the moment I can’t even get into my shed for all the stuff in it and I’ve got lots and trays left from when I cleared the polytunnel that need a home inside the shed. The overgrown area outside the polytunnel will never look pretty because it’s such a troublesome spot. I’m not proud of my mess but when you’re on the allotment, you always have better jobs to be doing than the mundane chores of tidying up, weeding paths and sorting the shed.

On my allotment jobs for Autumn list I still have around 200 bulbs to plant, leaves to collect, seeds to be sown, lots of pruning and digging to complete before winter sets in. I doubt I’ll get it all done before the end of November. The days are getting shorter and shorter and I’m lucky if I get more than 4 hours on the plot all week. So the tidying up will have to wait until I’m ready.

If you’re brave enough to take part, share your photos with the hashtag #MyRealView.

Carrot and parsnip bed.
Umm was this ever a path?
The shed of despair!
My Real View

3 thoughts on “#MyRealView

  1. I certainly think that the shed could be tidier! I’m thankful that being retired I have to time to keep on top of things so the plot generally looks okay. xx

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    1. It will be soon, I promise! 😅 I plan on giving it a huge makeover with proper storage and things to help keep me organised and tidy. I can’t wait to retire! 😂

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