Greenhouse Update (with video!) 

The small greenhouse is becoming very crowded! Only thing is, I still have even more (yes, I probably over did it a little..) pepper and tomato plants growing at home, eager to be moved into the new polytunnel. Fingers crossed it will *finally* go up this weekend – that is IF the weather holds out.

Throughout May, the temperature in the greenhouse has fluctuated with the cool, then hot, then wet weather. So I invested in a digital thermometer (from Wilkos) to keep a close eye on the highs and lows during the day and night. It’s proven pretty valuable during the start of May when we were close to having frosts! In the coming Summer months ventilation in here is going to become an issue, as there are no windows. I’ll figure I’ll just have to keep the door slightly open when there’s no wind.

Only a couple more days and they will be a lot more room for these luscious green plants to really flourish in their new home 🙂

So here is the greenhouse video tour! In order of appearance we have…
Pumpkin (Crown Prince), Sunflower (Teddy Bear), Evening Primrose (Sunset Boulevard), Cosmos (Bright Lights), Poached Egg Flower, Sunflower (Moonlight), Black Pansies, Butternut Squash (Hunter F1), Courgette (Tuscany F1), Pumpkin (Mammoth), Artichoke (Green & Purple),  Nasturtium (Ladybird), Basil (Sweet), Coriander, Nasturtium (Empress of India), Chili Peppers (mostly Cayenne), African Daisies, Potatoes (Charlotte & Javelin), Pepper (California), Tomato (mostly Red Cherry).



Courgette roots
Potting on the courgette | Nice healthy roots!


3 thoughts on “Greenhouse Update (with video!) 

  1. Looking lovely. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. I started my own garden this year and am always looking to learn from others. Happy growing!


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