They’re In!

IMG_1354I’m so relieved to finally get the potatoes in the ground! It was a really nice day to do it and even though we had quite a sharp frost last night the ground was soft enough to dig. More cold nights are forecasted so I’ll need to get hold of some garden fleece in the week to protect the potato bed from frost damage.  

Taking notes from the seed potato packaging the potatoes should be ready to harvest as follows:
Rocket 10-12 weeks = 26th June – 10th July
Charlotte 13-15 weeks = 17th June – 31st July
Main crop 15-22 weeks = 17th June – 18th September

As for the extras – the small amount of Anya and Kestrel seed potatoes I couldn’t resist..those will be going into potato grow bags some time in the week after I’ve bought some more compost.

I’m so excited for summertime potato salads, and one of my favourite meals – lamb chops with minted fresh peas and buttered ‘n’ bashed charlotte new potatoes. Mmmm! I’ll never regret the amount of space I’ve devoted to the humble spud. What’s you favourite potato recipe?




2 thoughts on “They’re In!

  1. Awesome job!
    Gotta say that I like the potato salad I make. Potatoes, couple of eggs, chives and 4 spring onions, then mix with a couple of drops of oil and a big spoon of mayo. Mmmmm. B-)

    I’m only doing Charlotte this year as a trial. Next year I will take up more space if they work.


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