🌹 Rose Cuttings


You know how familiar you become to your local surroundings that when something new appears, it suddenly leaps out at you? Well there’s a beautiful house just down the road from me that I’ve always admired and appreciated. It’s a gorgeous Victorian red-brick, three story build that sits on the corner of a narrow dead end lane with a grand turret on the side. Everyday I pass that house and in the peak of summer I was struck the the gorgeous deep, velvety roses that gradually bloomed along the old brick wall.

I hadn’t noticed the roses in that garden before and I had never seen roses so big and so rich as those! It bloomed for weeks on end and I appreciated it everyday. Of course the flowers didn’t last though autumn and the crimson petals were soon replaced with rose hips.

November came around and the bush was quietly entering its dormancy period as winter approached.  I remember learning that it was the best time to take cuttings from roses and I thought back to that beautiful rose bush. I didn’t know who lived at that house, or what they would be like..but I knew I really wanted to ask for a rose cutting from their bush. So I did! A nice man answered the door and obliging let me take my cuttings “take as many as you want – it won’t do any harm” he said. I took 10 altogether and you know how many have survived? Nine! I can’t believe it. I’ve never taken cuttings before, or even looked after a rose bush so I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself! 😁🌹

I don’t know what variety they are, he did tell me but I was too excited to note it down. So I’m going to to write a little thank you note to drop through his door and ask him again. Hopefully I’ll be able to find out what type of rose it is, now that I have 9 miniatures to call my own.


2 thoughts on “🌹 Rose Cuttings

  1. Awesome!

    Could you pop back in with the note and ask again… Maybe let him know how your cuttings did?

    BTW… What did you do to get them to root, just snip and stick them in the ground. Or did you use hormone powder or anything like that?


    1. Thats the plan! Still haven’t posted it yet.I’ll do that tomorrow. Taking the cutting is quite easy really. It needs to be about the thickness of a pencil and scrape the bottom of the cutting to promote root growth. I also cut the top with a slant so the rain runs off. Rose cuttings are known to be quite easy to propagate, but I did dip the end in a rooting gel (I could’t find any power) before putting it in the earth just to increase my chances. With 9 out of 10 rooted I must have done something right!

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