Frost damage! ❄️

I was hoping to update you on my thriving courgette plants, but well… they aren’t any longer. I foolishly forgot that the polytunnel air vent was left open after the hot spell we had. Jack Frost had his wicked way and has taken not just the courgettes, but also my tomatoes and chilli plants too! 😢

I’ve learnt the hard way. Don’t trust the weather forecast when is suggests lows of 3°. The thermometer read -2.2° for last night! If only I brought them home for the night. *sigh*

I know the courgette plants can be re-sown but what about my unusual chilli and tomato seeds? It’s far too late to be sowing chillies now, so I might have to resort to buying plug plants instead. Maybe it isn’t too late to re-sow some tomatoes at home, as I was really looking forward to trying my new varieties, black cherry and honey bee.