September Polytunnel Video Tour

I can’t believe it’s September already and the growing season has almost come to an end! I thought I would do one last tour of the polytunnel (below) to show how the plants have progressed with their new support and water systems in place.

The tomatoes are still ripening and doing okay, even though blight has hit the area. I keep removing the diseased leaves in hope of lengthening the life of the plants as much as I can but I’m going away at the start of next week and I’m not sure how they’ll survive! I’ll probably end up harvesting what fruit is still on the vines as I won’t risk loosing them all. I’m amazed to see them survive this long to be honest.

The string support system I tested this year has been SO much better than using bamboo canes. The plants are healthy and have never snapped or fallen over. I also used an underground water bottle irrigation system for the first time too which has helped prevent early blight, caused by an excess in moisture on top of the soil and in the air. Although, I did stop watering the tomatoes from July which has allowed the plants to concentrate all their energy into the tomato fruits!


4 thoughts on “September Polytunnel Video Tour

    1. Sorry Matt, I’ve only just noticed your comment! I never pinched out the top of my tomatoes so they all grew pretty tall along the string support. I grew mostly Honey Bee and Black Cherry tomatoes but I was also given two plants that were Amish Paste and Sun Gold.

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