Late Summer Evenings

allotment late summer.jpgThe evenings are getting noticeably darker earlier and there’s a subtle chill and smell to the air as the change in season is underway. The golden hour tonight had the most beautiful warmth and even though I’m frantically preparing the seating area for the bank holiday,  I reminded myself that these last few hours of sunlight should be cherished.

After a busy day in the office, there’s nothing I like more than spending some quite time on the allotment to unwind. It’s my favourite time to visit, when nobody else is there except the stirring frogs and birds catching their evening supper. My allotment, with it’s thick hedges of ivy, rose bushes and plum trees is a garden that completely separates me from the outside world. A place where I leave all my cluttered mind at the entrance and go home feeling calm and refreshed!

It won’t be long until we’re plunged into darkness from 4 o’clock and I will no longer be able to enjoy my evenings in the garden. So, with only a few month’s until the clocks go forward I’ll be making the most of the late summer evenings.

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