How I built a cucumber support for free

You know that niggling feeling you get when you know you haven’t finished a job? My three Marketmore cucumber plants have been steadily creeping across the polytunnel table, outgrowing their small pots and dying to go outside in the ground.

I knew I wanted to save space this year and build a trellis for the cucumbers to grow vertically…but with very limited funds and time I was stuck for weeks deciding how to do it. I was watering the polytunnel on Tuesday when I had a brain wave 💡 I still had the frame of a (flyaway) greenhouse that I dismantled early in the year. I also had some scrap plastic netting left over and even a few metres of wire that keeps chicken wire bound together. With these materials I made a trellis without spending a single penny!

I started by connecting the two panels of mesh together, measuring their width and assembled the frame to fit.

Then I tied the mesh to the frame using pieces of flexible wire, a couple of inches long.

I didn’t have quite enough mesh to fit the entire height of the frame, but I did have two un-used wire racking shelves that I connected together and fitted to the bottom end of the frame.

I sunk the frame 1 foot into the ground and dug in lots of manue to improve water retention, soil structure and boost the nutrients for the hungry cucumber plants.

Not having grown cucumbers before, I couldn’t believe how much the roots of the plants smelt of refreshing cucumber!

I planted the three plants (probably too close together), watered them in and carefully tied the vines to the support.

Oh and I gave those feelers a helping hand too by latching them onto the mesh!


The support stands over 8 feet tall and I’m confident that it won’t blow over, even with the weight of the cucumbers. Let’s see how it holds up and how many cucumbers I get in the next few months!



2 thoughts on “How I built a cucumber support for free

  1. What a great idea, I have 4 indoor cucumbers in my porch and they are taking over the place! I have hooks in the cieling and twine everywhere to support them. They are taking over the place!! But oh my what flavour from them! All worth it!! Best of luck with yours

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