Hello April!

April is here and with it comes one of the busiest months for seeds and franticly preparing the ground for crops and flowers! I have quite a few seedlings on the go already, but there are still plenty more to sow and an ever growing list of jobs to complete.

Allotment jobs for the week

  • Tidy the flower bed
  • Sow peas in guttering
  • Clear weeds and prepare the beds
  • Lay down woodchip on the new fruitbed footpath
  • Take down last year’s pea canes

Allotment jobs for April

  • Sow pumpkins and squashes undercover
  • Sow flowers
  • Plant gladioli bulbs
  • Divide and move snowdrops
  • Plant the seed potatoes
  • Sow peas successionally
  • Directly sow salad crops
  • Pot-up seedlings
  • Clear out the shed (!)
  • Watch out for baby frogs

Coming next

Flower update! 🌼 🌷

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