The Polytunnel is UP!

self portrait outside tunnel
Retuning home with more dirt on my face than a Victorian chimney sweep!

After a few months deliberating which one to buy, another month of waiting for it to arrive and weeks of clearing the un-touched ground, my polytunnel finally stands proud at the highest point of the plot. [Erected on 31/05/2016]




I have to thank my neibour Zorun who was a massive help despite being hungover on the bank holiday . It didn’t go perfectly though. The frame and cover went up fine but we had some trouble fitting the door. It didn’t open all the way and seemed like the fittings were positioned in the wrong place. By this point I was getting a bit frustrated and taking my Dad’s approach, I put my tools down and made a cup of tea to think over the issue.

I went back to the polytunnel the following morning and decided to take the cover off the door to see what was going wrong. The problem was staring right at me. When putting the frame of the door together I had flipped the hinge pole to the wrong side!! Oops!

Two weeks on…

The polytunnel it’s at bursting point and desperately needs organising! The big tomato plants need tying in and sinking into the ground, the pumpkins and squashes need planting out, the other tomatoes need potting up along with all the flowers and chillies. Help?! 😅

One thought on “The Polytunnel is UP!

  1. Love your polytunnel, I’ve been looking at the same polytunnel.
    Is it easy to put together?
    Are you happy with it ?
    Do you think it would be strong enough to withstand the wind and storms?
    Our allotment site is very exposed.


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