A brief May update


Despite the topsy-turvy weather we had over April a lot has been happening in the last few weeks! In between the hail storms, rain showers and sudden heat waves, I’ve spent a lot of time at the allotment, making the most of the longer days – so much so that I’ve hardly had time to write about it!

The pollytunnel arrived – a week early in fact! So the last few weeks have mostly been preparing the ground that’s been otherwise untouched. Covered in plum suckers, ivy and bramble..with thick roots spreading everywhere and intertwining with one another it’s been an exhausting and and back braking mission! It’s almost there now and should be up in the next week or so – weather permitting! I desperately need to get the tomatoes, pepper and chilli plants out of the house now its getting silly and I want my desk back!  😣


The first lot of vegetables are in the ground! I planted out some peas (sugarsnap) that I picked up from a market supported by hazel wood sticks. These were cut from the back of my plot to open up the shady corner – I love their traditional and rustic look! There’s also some little gem lettuce growing away in between the garlic and on its own row too.


Everything’s getting bigger, greener and in full bloom – including the weeds. 😑

The strawberry plants are looking super healthy and even have flowers on now! 🍓 I prepared the bed with horse manure early in the season and planted all the plants most of which were from runners. I only started with about 12 parent plants and now have over 30 strawberry plants! I’m using straw beneith them this year to help stop the weeds coming through, retain moisture, prevent the muddy water splashing onto the fruits and also stop the fruits from falling onto wet soil and rotting away.

That’s all for now but I’ll be posting again soon with updates on the flowers, seedlings, and the allotment plan!



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