Busy Bee

IMG_3865Weekend Jobs Completed

  • Tidied the shed.
  • Burnt some of the excess wood.
  • Made pea canes and edging from excess wood.
  • Planted autumn fruiting raspberry canes (Joan J variety).
  • Erected additional shelving inside the greenhouse.
  • Broke up the ground around the many plum suckers for the rain to help loosen.
  • Broke up the ground to extend the main bed an additional 1-2 feet.
  • Made a make-shift cloche to warm the soil.
  • Fertilised the potato bed.

Seeds Sown

  • Rhudabekea  ‘Rustic Dwarf Mix’
  • Evening Primrose ‘Sunset Boulevard’
  • Livingstone Daisy
  • Crocus bulbs (oops I forgot to plant them!)
  • Garlic chive
  • Kale
  • Re-sowed some tomato Roma, chilli Corno di Toro Rosse and hot fresno that didn’t germinate.

All the onions, shallots and garlic are in the ground and the potato bed is now ready. I’ve also stated to warm the ground for my salad crops by up-cycling the shower doors that my landlord was going to throw out. The area to the left of the shed behind the apple tree will become a wildlife area with nasturiums  in the borders, bird feeders in the hawthorn trees and a bug hotel when I get round to making it. I would love to build a hedgehog house too – sadly I’m yet to see one on the allotment site. The right side of the shed will be a seating area for BBQs with lots of potted flowers and climbing clematis once the area is dug over.


3 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. Not sure many of your allotment neighbours would be keen to find hedgehogs. They may well do to much damage to young leaf crops.

    Bug hotels are great and probably not as difficult as you may think.

    Oh… And what fertilizer are you using for your potato beds?


    1. Hedgehogs are carnivores! They’re great for the garden because they eat all the snails and slugs. They’re actually in a very sad state of decline so I will do my bit to help them.

      The bug hotel won’t be a big job I might not even need to screw or anything if i just pile up some pallets! It just one of those jobs I don’t have time for at the moment 🙂

      I picked up some ‘Organic Potato & Vegetable’ stuff from Homebase that is currently on offer for £1.43. Should hopefully do the trick!


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      1. Thanks!
        I may have to go look for that in the morning. Not put my spuds out yet so I need to get on with it!

        I sit corrected on the hedgehog issue. I was told about few years ago that they were occasional pests for young leaf crops. Now I know better. B-)


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