IMG_3628Last Friday – Good Friday in fact was such a gorgeous day to be on the allotment. The first day of the year to be comfortably wearing shorts (YES i know!) and the perfect day to put up my mini greenhouse..or so I thought. Over the Easter weekend rather windy storm – ‘Katie’ they called it paid a visit to the UK… I popped over to check on the greenhouse the following night and was relieved to see it was still there. To secure the greenhouse even more before the full force of the winds hit I used some thin pieces of scrap wood and staked these inside the corners securing them to the greenhouse frame with cable ties.I made sure the soil on top of the skirt bottom was well compacted, used big bags of compost to weigh down the frame and made sure there was no gap between the door frame and the ground.

A lot of allotment holders weren’t so lucky and suffered damage from the strong winds and my heart goes out to those of you! I know the greenhouse is doing ok for now, but I’m not expecting it to last long. It was a good deal for £25 from Wilkinsons and will serve its purpose until my new pollytunnel arrives in late April. My tomato and chill seedlings are coming along nicely and I look forward to spending time repotting the seeds in the greenhouse as soon as the weather warms up. We had a few frosts in the week so my un-heated greenhouse will still be too cold for the little blighters.

I realise I’m a little behind with my posts and should really try and log events on the day the take place to keep this diary in date! Thank you to all my followers and for leaving me comments by the way! I wasn’t expecting an audience in such a short time of having the blog. I really appreciate your words of advice and encouragement! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Undercover

  1. You can get a ‘U’ shaped peg that are made for these greenhouses. They are worth picking up if you can. Or use tent pegs. (I did both on mine)


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