My First Barrow

IMG_3240I don’t often splash a lot of cash into tools and materials for the allotment if I can go without. For over a year and a half I’ve had my plot but no proper wheelbarrow. I was left an old rusty one when I took on the plot.  It had a hole in the bottom and was missing the tyre, so it was very cumbersome to move about. Instead I used a slim wheelie bin, also left by the previous tenant. But with the very rough terrain even this was difficult to move, but I made do.

With a growing list of manual labour Spring jobs do to on the plot I knew it was time to invest in a proper wheelbarrow. So I treated myself (and my poor back!) to a proper barrow at last!


I picked up those bags of manure from the boot of my car and proudly wheeled them all down to my plot with ease – no aches, no huffing and puffing with tired arms! I’ve been on the look our for a pile of wood chip to mulch my plum and apple tree. Would you believe it that as soon as I bought my barrow a big pile of wood chip appeared next to the carpark at the allotments. I was in my element wheeling barrow after barrow to plot 152a.



4 thoughts on “My First Barrow

  1. So far I have managed to carry on using my old barrow I got gifted to me from my old work. They were throwing it out because it was old and not big enough.

    I may have to replace it soon though as rust is winning the battle. B-(


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