Before unloading a bunch of heavy stuff from my car to the allotment the other day, I stopped to photograph some daffodils in the hedgerow along the main path. I could hear a key jingling as I was crouched on the ground taking photos, when the gate next to me suddenly swung open and for the first time, I met Cyril.

He introduced himself and invited me inside his plot where a vast greenhouse dominated the space. Cyril explained how he built it himself from scrap windows and panes of glass he collected when he worked for the council years ago. This well made building was obviously a source of pride for him, as it should be. That thing was huge! I later learned the reason for him using a mobility scooter was the result of an accident he had when working on the build…installing a 9ft long beam alone. I mean you’ve got to admire his determination! I asked what he grew inside the greenhouse and his response was “mostly tomatoes and cucumbers really. I’ve got beans too – that’s what the frame is for” (pointing towards a those council-type metal fences.)

It was nice to meet you Cyril.


2 thoughts on “Cyril

  1. Hello from Illinois, USA:-) My grandfather was named Cyril, you sure don’t hear that name much these days. Lovely daffodils + ours are just breaking the surface, I can hardly wait. Will enjoy reading all about your Garden growing, but you are ahead of us:-)


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