Thank you 💚

Do you remember back in April, a sharp frost killed off a number of my plants and seeings? Well my fellow Instagram gardeners came to help and sent me free seeds and plants! Huge thanks to Jason for giving me two chilli plants, a tomato cutting AND a tomato plant! I’m so excited to try them, especially since they are all new varieties.

I have a ‘Kashmiri’ chilli which will be great for Indian curries and a ‘Mulato’ chilli plant which apparently has a rich chocolatey/smoky flavour! There’s also the ‘Amish paste’ tomato, which similar looking to the Roma, is said to be great for making sauces and cooking with. Perfect! I do love a spaghetti meatballs with a rich and spicy tomato sauce! YUM. I also have a cherry tomato ‘Sungold’, which is very popular among allotment holders for its sweet and fruity flavour.

After a couple of weeks in a jar of water, the Sungold tomato cutting has already developed roots and is now potted up and in the polytunnel. The chillies are forming buds and the Amish paste tomato is already in flower! Hopefully I’ll be due an early harvest of fruits soon.

This brings me to leave a special thank you to those of you who read my blog, and the allotment gardeners of Instagram, for all the advise and support you give.  Today I reached 800 Instagram followers, and I’m very grateful to be a part of a growing community who love to just grow things and appreciate the little things in life.

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