Frost damage! ❄️

I was hoping to update you on my thriving courgette plants, but well… they aren’t any longer. I foolishly forgot that the polytunnel air vent was left open after the hot spell we had. Jack Frost had his wicked way and has taken not just the courgettes, but also my tomatoes and chilli plants too! 😢

I’ve learnt the hard way. Don’t trust the weather forecast when is suggests lows of 3°. The thermometer read -2.2° for last night! If only I brought them home for the night. *sigh*

I know the courgette plants can be re-sown but what about my unusual chilli and tomato seeds? It’s far too late to be sowing chillies now, so I might have to resort to buying plug plants instead. Maybe it isn’t too late to re-sow some tomatoes at home, as I was really looking forward to trying my new varieties, black cherry and honey bee.

12 thoughts on “Frost damage! ❄️

  1. I feel your pain! This happened to me last year and I lost all my toms, peppers, aubergines and courgettes! This year I have been mollycoddling them at home and wont be putting them into the polytunnel until mid-May! I hope you manage to find some suitable plug plants! If you have a shop around you might find some more unusual varieties! Best of luck with the rest of the season!

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    1. Thank you Emma, I’ve actually had a lot of support on Instagram where someone has wet generously offered to send me some chilli plants 🌶🌱 ❤️

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  2. That is a bummer. So easy to get caught out. Nearly all my veg is tucked up in the greenhouse which stays frost free. But I nearly forgot to close the door last night, plain luck I went out to the shed for something that I noticed. Could have been ugly, it was a little below freezing last night. Bad luck. You may have to shortcut the process and get plugs or young plants.

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    1. Ooh, that was a close one! I’ve had Instagram friends offer me plants and my allotment neighbours too! I’m feeling overwhelming grateful to the gardening community 😊❤️


      1. Next night I forgot to put my carrots back in the greenhouse. A little bit frosted. We’ll see if they make it. Have the rest of the seeds in reserve but will cost me a few weeks…

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  3. Hi Katrina. Awful news but there is plenty of time if you sow the courgettes now. I have only sowed mine in the passed week. They will thrive as the weather gets warmer in the middle and late spring. In fact id argue now is the best time to sow. All the best.

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  4. They were thoroughly frosted. As Richard says, plenty of time to sow more courgettes and I’m certain your plot neighbours will have spare tomato plants to share. You can still sow tomatoes too – before I had an indoor space to grow them, I usually started mid-April and planted out at the end of May or early June. Keep us posted!

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    1. Thanks Sharon, yes I will 😊 I got some new tomatoes and courgettes in today in the warmth of my home, where they’ll sit comfortably for a few weeks at least!

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  5. Oh no! This happened to me last year when we left the greenhouse door open, it was gutting. Hope you find some plugs at reasonable prices.


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