Happy Earth Day 🌏

It’s Earth Day today and I spent it getting my hands dirty in the soil of my very own piece of earth. I managed to completely dig over the main bed, where I grew far too many potatoes last year. The plan this year is to have a path running through the middle, with two beds on each side.

In between pulling up the weeds and rouge potatoes from the ground, I took time to appreciate all the beautiful colours and shapes around me.  The bright tulips and dainty apple blossom, the unfurling leaving of the ferns by the pond. I also took pleasure in the buzz of wildlife on my patch, like (my now friend) blackbird who continues to hunt for worms as I dig the soil right next to him. Then there’s the tadpoles wiggling away in the pond and the vole I spotted scuffeling about the undergrowth of ivy. ​​

Even though the allotment is still a mess, it really is a habitat for all forms of life. I’m so grateful to call it my own even if it isn’t perfect, because the nature benefits from it and so do I. 

Happy Earth Day 🌏 

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