Vermiculite Experiment 

I hastily planted some courgette seeds a couple of weeks ago, not realised just how early it was and forgetting how rapidly they grow. In just a few days they germinated and shot up as very tall and leggy seedlings. 

There was a long and interesting discussion on my Instagram post on what to do with my leggy seedlings and also I’m the benefits of using vermiculite. I realised that like tomatoes, courgettes actually produce roots from the main stem. This means my seedlings (if I plant them deep enough) could put out enough re-growth to create a strong and healthy plants.

I had a few options on what I could do next. Either continue to grow them regardless of their weak appearance, sow some more a few weeks later, or use the opportunity to experiment.

I picked up Aldi’s vermiculite (10lr for £3.49) and potted up two seedlings in a compost and vermiculite mix and the other two just compost. I predict that the two with vermiculite will retain more water and hopefully produce a stronger root system! I’ve never used vermiculite before, so this will be a useful experiment to see how the seedlings will benefit. 

Spring Equinox Suprise

It seems quite appropriate that on the first day of Spring I was rewarded with frogspawn in my Belfast sink pond for the first time ever! 🐸😁🎉

My up-cycled pond has a lot of visitors year roud but I’ve never had frogspawn, so this was a pretty special find! Plus, frogs are known to return to their place of birth to lay their own eggs which means I should have baby frogs each year, eek!