Finders Keepers

I have the cutest new stool for my polytunnel and best of all it was free!
On my drive home a few nights ago I was going through the busy part of Hyson Green when I spotted a cute red stool by the road, next to some wheelie bins. You often see household objects on the pavement along that street so it was clear it wanted a new home. It’s the perfect height for potting on my tomatoes which will keep my busy over the next week or so. The question is, do I keep it red or paint it a different colour?! Eek. Time will tell. Oh I do love a good freebie!

Pond Area Re-Design ~ Garden Therapy

Well it’s been a pretty depressing week of constant rain and news of the E.U referendum result. Without getting into the politics, on Friday 24th June I left work feeling angry, worried and emotionally charged, thinking of all the implications that the ‘leave’ result would mean. I had to do something about my mood, so I went to my quiet place to escape from it all and set upon tidying & re-designing the pond area that was engulfed by weeds up to 5ft high. Seriously, you try and find the pond in my ‘before’ photo – and that was taken before the evil hemlock shot up!
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I cheated and I’m not even guilty

The potatoes aren’t meant to be ready for another 2 weeks but I just couldn’t resist. I took a potion home, rubbed off their muddy, soft skins and gently steamed them until soft. After gentle slice to cut them open I stirred through a dash of butter and sprinkled with fresh mint. I didn’t sit down, leave the kitchen or even transfer them from the pan to eat them. Nothing beats the fresh taste of your own grown potatoes. They didn’t even touch the sides.