Feelin’ Foxy!


I treated myself to some new wellies yesterday..just look at them – they’re so gorgeous. I was on my lunch break and on my way into Loughborough town centre and I just spotted all the little foxes and could not resist! They were on sale too – PERFECT!

I’m a big lover of foxes, and they passed through my allotment from time to time last year. One memory will always stay with me and will probably become the closest encounter with a wild fox I’ll ever have. It was early summer and I it was just about to get dark, so I was packing up my things when I saw a bushy tail moving in the hedge. I paused as a very curious,  fox confidently crept out and began to sniff out my plot. It must have only been a young pup as it was quite small and so playful! He sniffed at the tools I was yet to put away and played with the hose I left out. He was well aware of my presence and was so close I could have reached out and touched him – but I didn’t it is a wild (in the city!) animal after all no matter how tame they have become around humans. It was such a magical encounter and the fox even followed me back to my car, looked up at me as I sat in the driving seat and refused to let me leave by jumping onto my car bonnet!

I know that a some allotment holders and aren’t keen on them but I think foxes are such an intelligent and majestic animal. I will wear my new wellies in hope that they will soon return or pass through my plot and maybe with new pups! They’re super comfy too and not everyone wears a full length welly – preferring smaller shoes..but my wellies are my allotment uniform. The best time of the day for me is taking the work shoes off and putting my wellies on and get stuck in.



9 thoughts on “Feelin’ Foxy!

  1. We have foxes on and around our plots; they’re very welcome – they control the rabbit and mice population – and are always a pleasure to watch


  2. Even though I live in a rural area I have yet to see a fox. My parents live near the centre of Manchester and they see them all the time. Something wrong with this!

    I’m not one for wellies. I much prefer wearing heavy boots for working in.


    1. I am in Manchester too, there are foxes all over. See them every night where I live just chilling out on the pavement watching the world go by. My auntie is fortunate enough to have a fox den just on the other side of her garden hedge. Spent many an evening in her spare room photographing them and the cubs playing


      1. I grew up in Droylsden. Near Ashton in the 70s/80s and never saw one. My parents now live in Stretford and see them all the time!


  3. Aahh love these joules wellies. My other half bought me the joules bumble bee wellies for my birthday last year. Unforthunately they have developed a slit where the wellie joins the sole. Not one to be deterred by such things I now wear them as my ‘dry day’ wellies at the allotment and wear my other pair when it rains.


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